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There were better summers before the above years
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Summer is more or less here which means the good and happy times begin, my question to you pit is out of the last 5 years which year had the best summer for you?

(I'll throw in 2010 because i assume there are some world cup related going-ons)
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08 was one of the best years of my life. V Festival, went to Austria (although that wasn't really summer.) just loads of gigs was brilliant.

Ooh, I learnt to drive too.
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The Summer of '09. Basically me and a friend went to the cinema every week. Others joined us occasionally but it was me and him every time. I think we saw nearly all of the major films of '09. Was fun.
The summer before i went to uni was pretty awesome.

This year should be great. Finish exams june 4th... have 1 week of partying then im off to work in pembrokeshire for 6 weeks doing dissertation work. Should be pretty cool because i enjoy my degree, and ill be there with 2 good friends. Then i come back for 5 weeks so ill beable to catch up with everyone from home etc hopefully, then midaugust i move to sweden, which should be awesome. Overall i have high hopes for this summer.
summer of ´69

Like **** i posted it and someone else beat me to it, i didnt see it, ****.
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All my summers have been pretty bad. Had a few decent autumns and winters though.
Had Schoolies in '08, was pretty fun... that said, summers in Australia go on the end of year and the start of the next, so it was the end of '08.
the summers between 03-07, including 07 were the greatest times of my life of which I can really remember. i'm sure the summers of the 90s were badass too, but I just can't really remember them too much.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know

I love it.

Nostalgia only lasts for the previous 5 years? That's not nostalgia unless you're like 12 or something.
I can't even remember...

There was a single event in the summer of 09 which ruins the whole of it in my memory.
Summer of 08...not much happened...though about this time of 08 was immense, like immensely immense, so I'll go for that one.
The summer of 1492, shit was so cash. Me and my boy Chris discovered a secret trade route to India, then we invaded

No, but being serious. Any summer before 2008 was great
2009 was great.

now you've made me miss my ex...

damn you TS, damn you.
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I love it.

Nostalgia only lasts for the previous 5 years? That's not nostalgia unless you're like 12 or something.

I put a 'years before' option

Awwwh imsorry ^^
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09. The University of Kentucky basketball program had received a new coach, Calipari, that began to put together one of the most talented classes the world had ever seen. It was the beginning of what should be another spectacular era of the greatest bb program ever.

its not letting up either...
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The summer of 2006. I spent the whole summer being paid ridiculous money to weigh trucks, which is easy as pie, and spending my evenings in a field with a huge group of friends drinking beer, lighting bonfires and playing guitar. I had a gorgeous girlfriend, was about to start my first job as a theatre director and I didn't have a care in the world. It was awesome to the power of awesome.
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08 and 09 were both pretty sweet, 10 might well suck though cos I'm working full time through most of my holiday.
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The one just gone. It was a shame we weren't able to go on holiday last year, but I managed to have a wonderful time. It was a summery summer, for once, I went to Glastonbury, had many messy nights with friends and in August my girlfriend and I finally got together.
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Summer of '03, first and only time I've been in a southern country (Can Picafort/Alcudia, Mallorca). Although I got semi-second-degree sunbunrs, 'twas awesome.
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I picked 2008 because it was pretty neutral, though not memorable. Bad stuff has happened to me over the summer for the past few years.
09 was epic.Out all the time chilling,going to local gigs then everyone went to uni and college and everyone doenst really speak as much now :'(
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Summer of 09, spent a lot of time with the girl that I loved.
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When I was seventeen
It was a very good year
It was a very good year for small town girls
And soft summer nights
Wed hide from the lights
On the village green
When I was seventeen

That means 08, the summer inbetween highschool and university. I had a really good time that summer.
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2008. Dropped so much acid that the Universe became Koala.
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They're all fairly similar. Although I remember 2006 being particularly awesome until I broke my collar bone.

2008 was good too because I turned 18.
2006 was the best summer for me, just hanging out with my friends every single day with no real problems or worries in my life. I always look back on that time as the real pinnacle of my early teenage years.Think I was about 14 at the time. Had much more fun then than I do now that every activity revolves around alcohol.

This summer I really worry that if I don't get a job I could fall into depression.
This summer will be epic for me.
Training on Dartmoor with commandos, caving, building something for the community in cambridge, my boyfriend's birthday party. 3/4 of those activities I'll get paid for and all involve being with some of my closest friends. In between I might actually fit some time in to go home.

Although, summer 0f 2009 was pretty epic too. No exams or work, getting psyched up to go to uni. Good times.
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Who voted for 2010?
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Who voted for 2010?

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2008 because I spent 4 weeks of it travelling through Peru, the most rewarding experience of my life
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2006-2009 was fairly good for me i guess, or signifigant at least.

2006-Felt more grown up after finishing secondary school, had my first crush.

2007-Had massive ups and downs, some really wild parties, awesome days out with friends, crazy things i never though i would do, but i also fell into a kind of depression, i don't like throwing that word around because some people do it to be melodramatic, but when i was down i felt like nothing could bring me up and a complete sense of hopelessness.

2008-This was kind of like a part two to 2007 except the ups and downs weren't as extreme, i was more sensible in terms of the wild parties and all that, it was still fun, but i think because i had turned 18, i felt a little more mature. I wasn't really depressed anymore but still slightly volatile.

2009-Summer of 2009 was just chilled, thats all i can say about it really, laid back, no massive dramas, in the middle.

2010 should be great though.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I've spent every summer since I was 16 working full time, so I've not had that much summer banter. So I guess the summer of 2001 springs to mind for me (14 years old). I was in the Army cadets and got to go and shoot at Bisley for a week, cracking hot weather, fantastic people on the team. Then I had my first annual camp and got promoted to L/Cpl 'Roger Sanchez - Another Chance' had just gone to no.1 and was getting loads of airplay, whenever I hear that track it always takes me back.

This summer will be spent doing my Phase 1 training in Pirbright.
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