So I've got a rubbish little squier fender starter guitar (my first electric guitar actually) and its got a horrible sound, mainly on the bridge pickups, but overall its pretty nasty.

My question is would changing the pickups actually do much? and so which ones would/should I use? I want it sounding quite bluesy as I've already got a PRS which gives me a more rockier sound.

The set up on the pickups on the guitar are three single coil. I don't want to be cutting any extra holes for humbuckers, just replacing the said pickups.

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What kind of amp are you using? The reason I ask is that new pickups through a cheap amps won't give you significant result, in my experience (I once had a Squier I heavily modified).
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Some Texas Specials would do the trick. Like he said though, your going to need a decent tube amp to hear any real difference in them. Even a crappy guitar can sound pretty good on a tube amp.
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yeah, get new pickups. With the humbucker thing, you can get single coil sized humbuckers. They are the same size as single coils so no routing or anything is required, just shove 'em in and enjoy the humbuckery-goodness. As for the actual pickups, try the GB&C pickup buying thread AKA the "which pickup thread," i believe its a sticky but if not im sure it'll be in the essential links thread which is definitely stickied. But the important thing will be your budget, as generally, the more you spend the better the sound will be, although seymour duncans are usually a pretty good choice. I would also suggest tonerider pure vintage set - i put them in my strat and they are awesome! Nice cleans, although i prefer the cleans of my fender tele. With some overdrive though, i can get nice bluesy tones, and the bridge pickup handles distortion well. Plus a steal at only £70 for a set of 3!
You could try Irongear pickups. I'm gonna bung a couple in the tele delux in the near future. They're based over here in the UK. Give them a google.

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