This is a LIKE NEW, MINT, I Cannot stress how little use this got..
This amp SLAYS Marshalls, Mesa's, Splawns, you name it... Absolutely amazing lead/rythym and even clean tones.
custom build by James Peters in Canada. All point to point hand made, not assembly lined.
50 watts
2 channel clean-dirty channel 2, channel 1 LEAD.
vintage/modern voicing switch
Clean boost on both channels
dual eq
Footswitch included
New tubes all around.

Amazing amp, sells for over $2500.00 new plus freight.
This amp sat in an apartment and hasn't been used due to noise complaints (go figure)...

First one with 1800.00 or a reasonable offer takes it.

Not interested in trades unless it's a Gibson Les Paul Custom

704 ** 701 ** 8894