Hi. Im about to start playing in a cover band but am not sure what amp to get. bands include mostly 90s british stuff like oasis, primal scream, stone etc but will also include some nirvana, foo fighters and maybe REM. Will be playing in mostly small to medium clubs. Budget less than £1000. Thanks
Check out a Marshall Jcm900 combo. They're easily within the price range (second-hand, of course), and will do your genres brilliantly.

A Vox Ac-30 might also be worth looking into, but I'm not quite sure how much they cost.

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^That. Good suggestions indeed.

If you want brighter cleans than the Marshall and the VOX, maybe look into Fender's combos, like a Fender Twin.
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yeah i was thinking about a jcm 900 actually. The dsl 50 watt head was another option. Its more versatile but probably doesnt have the same tone. Dilemas!