Hey I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good cheap acoustic. I don't want to spend more than $250.

If you have one available locally, go to a big chain like Guitar Center and just play as many of the inexpensive instruments as you can. You'll normally find at least half-a-dozen.
If you don't, go to their website (or Musician's Friend or whatever) and just search for acoustics under 250... There will be a lot.
You'll do better if you stick close to that figure; real cheapies are available but tend to be pretty poor.
I was pretty impressed with what I could get for 200 bucks a couple of years ago...Fender, Yamaha...I ended up with a "Mitchell" (Indonesian made) since it sounded and played better than the others on hand.
another vote for the yamaha fg700s. cheap shallow bowl ovations sound a bit like cardboard unplugged.
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What about the shallowbowl ovations?

I bought a used one with a case on eBay and i love it, i only spent like 200 for both. more versatile, but its a different sound from a regular acoustic, its brighter and just different but i like it they're nice guitars
yamaha make great budget acoustics

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I just bought an Alvarez RD8 for $239 - really a good sounding guitar for the money and hardshell case was included (music go round).

Pretty new to the acoustic but I played a bunch of different guitars before settling on the Alvarez and I'm very satisfied. Come strung up with Elixers too - great package.
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I wouldn't recommend them unless you're playing exclusively plugged in. Thin body = thin (unplugged) sound.

i second this. loved the feel of my mate's fiber body but the sound just wasnt great!
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this might be an okay guitar if you don't care how it sounds unplugged. otherwise see my comment above. i've played dozens of 'em, btw.

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I was wondering about this Ovation http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ovation-Applause-Series-AE148-Super-Shallow-Cutaway-AcousticElectric-Guitar?sku=516977

I've played other ovations before and liked them but the placement of the sound holes on this one's looks like it would be better suited to plugged-in play.