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Yngwie Malmsteen is a master
6 11%
Yngwie, is distasteful
23 42%
Hes a douche, but quite a player
26 47%
Voters: 55.
So basically, when i get into a band / artist, i feel i must buy all, if not most of their albums or i am not a real fan or some stupid crap

This is a psychological thing, and i need a bit of convincing from people

Today i bought a couple Yngwie CD's, so i now have 3

He has like 20 ****ing cd's and i feel compelled to empty my pockets to own them, see what i am getting at?

If i don't, i feel like i should for some reason and it discourages me from listening to what i have already, until i can own all of his CD's

it probably sounds very, very stupid to a lot of you but i just wanted to put it out there for someone to perhaps help
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Watch that video below

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I can stand about two of his songs, both of which I haven't to in a few years now.
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I guarantee that the biggest Frank Zappa fan on this site doesn't own (in physical form) all of his albums.

I guess the same applies to the biggest Buckethead fan

My advice:
1) Read reviews or anything to find out which albums are considered his best work. Buy those. If you REALLY like those and want moar, then gradually build up your collection.
2) Buy second-hand CD's. Most of my collection is second hand. I mostly listen to "old" music, so I'm actually more likely to find a second hand CD than a brand new copy of the same album.
You can consider yourself a fan even though you don't have everything ever released by an artist. Sometimes there is just too much to get your hands on, so take your time. Listen to song previews, read reviews, etc before blowing all your money. There are a few bands I really like that I haven't bought an album or two because it's just not worth the money.
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I work on the download, see live, buy t shirt principle.

Although I do buy albums from small record labels like BSM.
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I can't stand Yngwie Malmsteen albums because of the ridiculously bad production quality and God awful tone...

Seriously, is that the production quality he likes or something? I can probably do better than that myself.

Funny you say that, i love production quality like this
Buy them all.

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I can't stand his tone nor his playing. I forget the song, but I saw a video of him playing with Steve Vai and Satch. It ended up being 66% amazing playing and 33% a horrible mess of notes shat all over random parts of the song.
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Dude, I'm the same.
I can't help but feel compelled to buy the entire discography of a band.
I wish I knew how many albums Buckethead had before I started buying them.
Heck, I spent over $100 on a lame-ass single by a band. I was compelled to have it though. Even though I bought it just for the b-side!
^ Same here man, i had to actually steal money at one point to afford Serpents Of The Light!

But i have not seen a copy of it here in my life, so i just had too
I have since had a good think and come to the conclusion that you don't have to have every album, just every one you like, especially when it comes to artists like Yngwie

But it's a different story when it's a band like Dissection

You must have every album