Hey i was drunk last night and broke the g string on my acoustic, im nowhere near a music shop to get new strings but i do have an old d string from when i restringed last time, so is it ok to tune up to g using a higher gauge string? it would only be a temporary thing. Thanks
I wouldnt do it

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Should be fine, but since the thing is 45 years old, does it even have a truss rod? If not, I would wait.
Do it! I means its only a temporary fix right?
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Its probably better to not...you wouldn't want to mess something up for some reason...
And on another note, its always good to have a spare set of strings for your guitar. In the case of a breakage, you can just replace the strings easy.
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If you're talking about substituting a D string in place of the G, you can certainly do it without damaging the guitar. The string will break quickly (if not immediately as your tuning it up). but it will almost certainly work for a period. I've done it a handful of times.

If you only have E or A strings, you won't be able to do it without snapping them. A fun alternative is to take an A string, stick it in the place of the G string, but tune it to G an octave down (like the third fret on the low E).
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i broke my g string while drunk just this weekend, what a coincidence.
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i broke my g string while drunk just this weekend, what a coincidence.

in b4 "I broke my g string while fingering A minor"
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What an interesting coincidence, everyone is breaking their G-strings while drunk...That's what alcohol can do to you people. Drinking can lead to you breaking your G-string.

On a more serious note, I myself wouldn't tune the D up to a G, but if you're using lights, you can try it. It might break will tuning up though. Or you can have two D strings until you can get more. Or you can tune it to the G an octave down from the standard G like GC Shred off suggested. Might be a bit loose though since it's a D.
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