I was just wondering if anybody else has seen this DVD. I thought it was one of the best live DVDs I've ever seen in my life, but maybe it's because I saw them a few weeks before they shot the video, so it was kind of like reliving that concert. IMO their songs are better live than on the album, and Nuno is just a God.
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I love you.

On a serious note... kidding, i still love you...
But man, I've watched that DVD several times now and yes it's the best live DVD I've ever seen as well. It might not be a big ass concert hall and shit but that gives it character since they're at home and all that, I love it. Nuno plays ****ing great on it too it's unbelievable =D
I wish I could see them live at some point, but I'm from Norway so it's not that easy haha :P