I played a small show at a brewing company, and little did i know that the next person that went on stage was my high school keyboarding teacher!!!! i recognized her and told who i was she freaked out, saying i looked very familiar. Then we proceeded to smoke stogies and drink fresh brew.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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A few weeks ago after my structures final my teacher offered to take us out for pizza and beer. About half my class showed up and I was really surprised and grateful that he paid for the whole tab. A friend of mine in the class also bought him an Irish car bomb which was ****ing hilarious.
I used to hang out at my Physics teachers house all the time back in highschool.

Still fine chums to this day
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At uni our tutors were all hardcore drunks so we went out and partied together quite a lot. My avant-garde theatre tutor got me and all my 150-odd of my coursemates thrown out of a bar once.
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Neopowell, that's because you are a pumped-up sex offender.
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You're exactly the kind of person who'd have sex in a bar drunk
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My old high school English teacher showed up to my friend's graduation party and drank a little with us. Shame I had a girlfriend at the time.

I also had a few drinks in a pub with one of my professors while we were in London, which was cool.
Yeah, I have.
I've got a lot of really cool teachers, I usually see them or a night out, or sometimes I have a chat with them about stuff that isn't related to school.
If anything like that was to happen here where I live, the teacher would probably be fired and put on trial.

On topic. No I have not hung out with a teacher before, but my english teacher used to be a good prog-metal drummer and I would always ask him to jam with me.
We were once sat out in this big field behind our school at lunch and some of us were smoking and then these three teachers who work in the technology department sat down with us and started talking to us and just chilling. It was pretty cool
When we went on a trip with college the teachers were really laid back, they just made sure people were safe, but some of them got more wasted than the students. There was a lecturer in my second year who was cool, he would sometimes come for a pint with us after college, he was alright but a bit arrogant.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
one of my teachers came to one of my gigs...
and then said how good my band was in school.
I seriously LOLd.
I have a couple of times. I've been clubbing with a couple of my uni tutors and we all went to the pub with my Physics teacher at the end of our A levels.
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Yeah,me and my class went on a 2day cruise whit 3other teachers were we got all drunk and crazy..

Awesome Teachers!
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I met my art teacher at a bluegrass festival once and got quite drunk with him.

Well, at least I was drunk.

May have hit on his daughter, though.
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The same teacher who came to my gig said that she was at a gig with a 16 pupil and his mum. Not just any gig, at a take that gig.
I mean seriously, what 16yo guy goes to a take that concert with his mum and teacher?!?
I've been to a couple local bars with my guitar teacher to check out the bands a few times. fun stuff
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i went to a Take That gig, wembly, it was awesome.

respect to that guy...

I used to see my old mu tec teacher otu and about, was a pretty cool guy, was only a few years older though so wasnt a big surprise we'd see each other out.

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I've never really been 'out' with any of my teachers, my art teacher in sixth form was pretty ace, a girl in my class had his mobile number and they are still very close - And yes, we did take the piss out of her for it But regardless, he was one hell of a cool guy

As for uni, i've chatted and emailed my favorite teacher a few times and we get along in more ways than just the literature side, which is pretty cool - i get to share with her all my creations in literature and music
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I smoke joints with my Torts Professor on Sundays. Its a hippie thing.
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You sick bastard.

Watch that video below

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Senior year of high school I ran into my principal at a Dimmu Borgir/Behemoth concert. totally different guy when he's listening to black metal as opposed to being an ass because you ditched class too many times.
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a girl in my class had his mobile number and they are still very close - And yes, we did take the piss out of her for it

Meh, thats not that bad, ive texted teachers before lol