So yeah does anyone here call their parents by their first name only?
or is it to weird and formal.

You know like Bart Simpson does to Homer.

Meh,how do i add a Poll after post
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Nope. Would be awkward.

I just go with mum and dad. Or rather, papa and maman.

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Yer I used to call mum by hers, only because it pissed her off.
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Nope, just Ma and Pops.
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Nah, I call them mum and dad, collectively "you pair".
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Nope. Would be awkward.

Or rather, papa and maman.

How dainty and French.

On topic, I call me folks Eric and Sir.
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yes, but more my dad than my mum
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I call my dad by his first name, because even though he is my biological dad and all, I look upon him as a friend.

My moms has a longass name, so i'll just call her Mom.
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Nah, just mum and dad. As far as i'm concerned, they have no first names.
No i don't, i call them mum and dad when i am adressing them directly, but if i am say, asking my brother where my father is, i say "where is daddy?" for some reason, he does the same, its kind of odd but when people give me shit for it i just make a joke of it.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I call my mum "Tubby" and my dad "Tubs", does that count?
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