Poll: How do you feel about presenting?
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I actually enjoy it
12 21%
I don't mind it
8 14%
In the middle
8 14%
I don't like it
12 21%
I really don't like it - nervous etc.
17 30%
Voters: 57.
For my course we have to do a lot of presenting, which I don't mind, but some of my coursemates get really nervous

How does the Pit feel about public speaking?
I love it, and I'm often told I do quite well in public presentations.

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Depends on what class it's for. I don't mind Spanish presentations since everyone in my class is worse than me at Spanish, but when it comes to stuff like history and English I get really nervous.
It helps if I've had a teeny bit of alcohol before.

If it's about something I know well I quite enjoy it

Don't mind it anymore.

Used to terrify me as a kid, but nowadays I don't really care either way.
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Depends on the class, teacher, and subject of the presentation. I generally don't have too much trouble, but I can get nervous if the subject matter isn't something I'm well versed in or if the teacher intimidates me.
I'm not very good at speaking to large groups..
when I've got another person presenting with me I'm usually fine though

in an on-stage situation, its weird.. I can sing and play guitar no problem in front of lots of people. but when it comes to talking to the crowd in between songs, i just ramble and mumble :/
Don't enjoy it but once I get into my flow it's ok. I didn't mind doing the presentations for my final year project because I was interested in the subject
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Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't but I don't really know what it is that effects if i'm nervous or not. I think it's just if I know a lot about the subject or not
The more I know the audience, the less bothered I am. Hate speaking in front of lots of people I don't know.
Weirdly, I find I am better at presenting the less I prepare

If I have prepared something, or even thought about what I am going to say, I find I have something to adhere to, or at least remember

If I have literally nothing prepared, then whatever comes out of my mouth is unplanned and spontaneous, which seems to work better (for me)
I've had a shitload of practise under some insane pressure, so I'm good at it, but I don't particularly enjoy it. I don't really mind it either, I suppose I'm indifferent to it
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Quote by fender_696
Weirdly, I find I am better at presenting the less I prepare

I sort of agree with this. If I try to prepare too much I end up over-thinking things and getting muddled up trying to think of minor details.

Also one of my lecturers said that as long as you make the intended point, nobody will ever know if you missed out something that you wanted to add, except you.

I'm a lot better at them than I was a couple of years back.
Giving a presentation next week. I hate it.
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I've always been great at presenting to my course mate....hur hur hur

Seriuosly though, I hate public speaking. It's one of my fears.
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I don't like it, I brick it every time. Even if it's about something I know a lot about or rehearsed/scripted. Confidence has got to be my biggest downfall, mnost of I do wrong comes down to confidence.
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