Hi folks. I'm new to the forum, so hopefully there are some folks out there willing to help with my project!

After waiting fruitlessly for months for my local dealer to get an example of the Crafter SA series hybrid guitars in stock (still waiting -Crafter is NOT a big name in Canada yet)!), I decided enough is enough and bought a beautiful new Artcore AK85 that I'd been drooling over.

My plan is to hybrid-ize this baby, and to that end I've ordered a Fishman piezo archtop bridge and Powerchip preamp. This setup has its ups and downs. On the plus side, it will let me blend the electric and acoustic sounds to a mono output OR send the two signals separately through a TRS cable to an acoustic amp/PA and electric amp respectively.

The down-side of the Fishman setup is no tone control for the piezo, which concerns me a bit as I've not heard the tone of the Fishman archtop bridge yet. Add to that the need for rewiring the electric pups - in order to avoid drilling more holes than necessary, I'm planning to rewire the humbuckers to two stacked pots for vol/tone on each pup in half the space, leaving the other two control holes for the Fishman Powerchip vol control and a 3-way switch for mag/both/piezo pickup selection. It also requires cutting in a battery box for the 9v powering the preamp.

I'm looking for opinions on this setup and a few other ideas/options I've come up with:

1- going to a single Master Vol and Master Tone instead of the stacked pots with the Fishman setup

2- Using a side-mounted blending preamp like the Artec ATE-BL (specs http://www.artecsound.com/acou/ate.htm ). This is an acoustic-style side-mounted preamp with 3-band tone, vol and blend slider to mix the amounts of magnetic pup and piezo sounds. If I go this route, I'd install a bypass switch on the mag pups to I can output the mags and piezo pups on separate (stereo) channels. Upside of this setup as I see it is no change to the mag pup setup/wiring and more control over piezo tone. Downside is a big hole in the side of the guitar....

Thoughts? I'm going for maximum flexibility and tonal range. I want to be able to use the mag/piezo systems separately and/or blended as desired, and I'd like to keep the mods to a minimum. FWIW, I've been playing mostly folk/folk-rock and worship music to this point, although I'd like to expand into some jazz and blues as well.

Thanks for any and all replies!