Thanks for taking the time. As the title says, I'm a left handed player preparing to buy a new guitar. The options are limited, but at least this makes the decision easier.

I've looking into Ibanez, Schecter and Jackson guitars because what I'm absolutely certain about wanting is an all black guitar with a fender-style body, that is suitable for a range of musical styles. I'm going to be teaming it with my Randall V2 head and Engl 4x12 Greenback cab, so I'm definitely gearing up to play some metal.

Anyway, Jackson didn't have an offering within my price range, so I've narrowed it down to the prestige RG1570L and the Schecter Hellraiser C-1.

I've found posts comparing the 1570L and the standard C-1, So, the 1570L has the thinner wizard neck that'll be easier to play and a better whammy bar. People think the materials are better as well, in fact, I'm planning to buy this one because the consensus is that this guitar is better than the C-1 in every way except for the pickups, which I'd change to Dimarzios after a couple of months. Those can be easily changed, while the problems with the Schecter can't. I've had mixed reports on the ability of both guitars to stay in tune with the use of a lot of bending and whammy bar action. I guess the Hellraiser is quite an improvement on the C-1. But it doesn't haven't a singlecoil and I'd quite like one to play a range of music.

Anyway, I can't find the left handed C-1 Hellraiser anywhere on the the internet just yet, and for the reasons above, I'm quite set on buying the 1570L or the new version, the 1550ML.

Any final thoughts? Thanks guys.
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Just buy what you like...I am really tired of these which guitar threads

dead helpful, that
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I like the 1570 and I normally hate Ibanez.
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In my experience, you can't go wrong with a 1570, or any other Prestige Ibanez for that matter.

I think you just basically named all the reasons for buying that one, didn't you?

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Just buy what you like...I am really tired of these which guitar threads
What, already? You've been here what... half a month?
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Well the only diff between the 1550M and 1570 is the fretboard...
BTW... the 1570 with the Liquid Metal Red finish and the 1550M with the White Plaster finish comes with an Edge Zero bridge...
THAT'LL be the answer to your tuning stability problem...
Well those are the technical specs...

But like the archenemyfan said... BUY WHAT YOU LIKE... get a hold of the three of them if you can and play em before you purchase... you don't wanna end up buying something you regret...
sorry about that stupid post...well the prestiges are much better than the schecters.. no competition
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What, already? You've been here what... half a month?

really I have no idea how you guys bear when the same question is asked over and over again...I dont have much patience being brutally honest..
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Thanks then, I guess that having listed the main points already, it's just a matter of trying it out now. This isn't so sraight forward for a lefty, the major guitar store in my home town doesn't have even the right handed version of the 1570. I should just go in and get a handle on anything from the prestige series, even if I can't play it properly being a lefty. I loved the feel of it when I tried one ages ago, but I'll go in once more just to be sure.