Hey guys, here's my second progressive metal instrumental - link. I know the recording quality isn't too great, this is one of the first songs I've recorded using my "home studio" set-up, which I actually outline in this post.

Anyways, thanks for any advice on recording, mixing, technique, it's all appreciated. C4C
I loved the sudden transition between the bass solo and the serious riffage you got going on there, and the jolty bit before the second bass solo was pretty sweet too.

My favourite part was probably the weird cross-rhythm thing you had near the end; t'was really original.
seemed more thrash than progressive to me. the shift from left to right every couple of bars was kinda annoying not sure whatyou were trying to do with that. the recording sounded pretty good. some of your ideas didn't seem to flow together very well especially that clean part. i liked most of the guitar riffs you have. that little bass line you play in a couple parts of the song was really good.

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@benonbass1 - Thanks for the review! I'll be on the lookout for anything you post so I can return the favor!

@monwobobbo - Yeah, I suppose the genre could be categorized differently. I'm pretty sure it could be called "experimental" as well. I've actually gotten quite a few comments about the clean part not flowing well, but when I listen to it it seems to work fine; maybe I'm being pompous, maybe misunderstood, but suffice it to say, I'm not going to use that kind of clean passage again until I can figure out what needs to be done to make it flow better. Thank you very much for the critique, my return one is on your profile.
Ok just listened the track 3 times in a row, it is really cool, liked the riffs on the intro and along the song, the bass line is really sweet dude! The heavy riffs are really nice man, they are kinda thrashy which is a good thing for me XD. It is a really good instrumental, is one of those that takes you into a trip, then the clean part comes to make you go further into that trip. And t goes really well with the song and the mood. Then when the heavy parts comes back, nice fade-in. The galloping is really good too, steady and well timed. Liked the tapping cheers on that dude. Overall really good song liked the mood, and the riffs, and the drums, I guess is a drum machine, it did well the job for the song. Kudos dude!!