what is the best Rock keyboard solo ever?

i would say Highway Star - Deep Purple (Jon Lord)

What do you think?
Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce...played by the one and only Herman Li
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At the end of Kalmah's The Groan of Wind. Don't really pay attention to keyboard solos, which is strange seeing as I'm primarily a keyboardist.
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Jordan Rudess, any of his solos
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Riders of the Storm or Light my Fire by the Doors
Or Take the Time by Dream Theater.

^I actually prefer Kevin Moore's keyboard work with DT, and his solo stuff is amazing too.
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I haven't heard enough keyboard solo's to choose a best, but I love the rag time solo from Jordan Ruddess in The Dance Of The Eternity.
Rape Escape by Horse The Band! they keyboard solo in that song is crazy!
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anything by jordan rudess

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Santana's Evil Ways has a really good keyboard solo.
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i like the one at the end of Swim to the Moon by BTBAM,

the whole solo section rocks really...

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The solo in People are Strange by the Doors is perfectly... strange. Love Me Two Times and Light My Fire are great as well.

I love the Jon Lord's keyboards in Child in Time by Deep Purple as well - the live versions anyway. Unless he has a crap tone.
Not sure if I'd call it the "best," but I thoroughly enjoy the piano bit in Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Call Me the Breeze."
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any song of the doors

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Jon Lord is a genius, any of his solos are brilliant. My favorites are from Rat Bat Blue, Solitaire, Burn, Hush, Highway Star, Almost Human, by Deep Purple and Take Me With You (Live In The Heart Of The City version), by Whitesnake. I also enjoy his classical work nowadays.
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