Part 3 from "dispose of your ugly children here"

Emily had a sister named Sophitia, but her, and her mother always called her Sophia. She loved her sister, they would always run around the house playing tag, or hide-and-seek. Her sister looked just like Emily, She even acted similar. There was only one difference that was easily noticed, and that was that unlike Emily; Sophia’s teeth where as white as paper, and not bent at all. This did not really bother Emily; her mother loved her just the same; at least that was what she believed
As Emily sat against the door in this icy dark room, she began to take in what she had never noticed before. She remembered that when her mom used to cook cookies on Sunday, she had never asked Emily to help her, but she always asked Sophia too. She all so remembered that when her mother tucked her in for bed, she kissed Sophia on the cheek, but did not kiss her at all.
Emily’s mind kept racing through events that should have been obvious to her, but she never recalled until now, until it was too late.
“Mommy never loved me! Mommy never loved me!” Emily frantically chanted with hideous cries. She began to scream, and cry hectically “Mommy never sat by me in church! Mommy never hugged me before she left!”
All of a sudden, Emily heard a loud boom sound that hurt her ears. It sounded like a machine been turned on, and releasing steam.
Dear, you have to be brave, and calm down.
She was penetrated with fear; not knowing what was about to happen to her. The sound echoed again, and started to release steam more rapidly until it got to a steady rate.
Emily pushed herself against the door as hard is she could: her legs trembling with fear. “Somebody help me” Emily quietly whispered.
Red lights to appeared in the dark, and seemed to look at her. They looked like the red eyes of a spider: two rows of four on each side.
She proceeded to push against the door even farther, but know distance was achieved; Emily was as far from that thing as she was going to get.
Every time Emily heard the release of steam, she noticed the red glowing eyes would get closer to her. “Help me, help me, hel-“Emily began to cry again, and turned her head away from the glowing eyes. She could still hear the creature getting closer to her.
What are you doing? This is not going to stop it from getting you. When her inner voice said, “Getting you” it made Emily’s back creep, and she almost threw-up. Emily was curled up facing the wall; there wasn’t much she could do besides try to get rid of that sick feeling; Emily threw-up.
The sound of metal scrapping against metal could now be heard. It sounded like too heavy rusted bars scratching against each other; this ripping sound was loud, and painful.
“Mommy!” Emily screamed as loud as she could “Mommy help me!” her cries were shrill, and desperate.
Mommy’s not here Emily! You have to calm down!
“Mommy Help!” Emily disregarded her inner voices order, and continued to shriek for her mother. Her mother who put her into this place, her mother who always loved Sophia more, her mother who-; Emily commenced to cry again. She buried her head hard into the solid wall. Bury your tears my dear, bury them.
An earsplitting, slow, scraping sound exploded into Emily’s ears; it sounded like it was very close to her. Then a red light showered on Emily, and the wall she was leaning against.
Her breathing was a terrified stutter. The light was on her, and nothing else; the only light in this room was a dark crimson light that blared onto Emily.
Emily, you have to turn around. Emily!
Emily took a deep breath, and set forth to turn around, and see what it was that was glaring at her with scarlet light for eyes. Emily pressed her right hand hard against the wall as she turned around. When she was half way their she pushed against the wall, and shut her eyes as she was forced forward, and now facing whatever it was that was looking at her.
She could see the red light burning into her closed eyelids; Emily knew she had to open them. Slowly she would open her eyes; shutting them again when she would start to see the metal figure.
Just do it dear, you have too.
Emily made her way to open her eyes again; she turned her head away from the figure, and then opened them completely. Once she was comfortable with her eyes open, she turned her head toward the creature.
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it's good but i don't get..is it a song, or a story, or what??...if it's a story, why don't ypu put in "columns" instead of songwriting and lyrics??
it's a story, and I just see a lot of people posting storys on here too so I thought I might as well post it here.
I also thought that in the collumns the story's on there are mostly music derived, and so it kind of didn't fit in my opinion.
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Dont worry, prose is perfectly welcome in the S&L board. You just have to be prepared to occasionally have some bright spark ask "Isnt this kinda long for a song?".
If you put it in columns, you would probably get a lot more "what is this doing here's" than you will in here.

I like how abruptly the naivety of this turned into something really nightmarish.
i'd like to see where this goes.
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Thanks dude, i'm putting the new one up today wich is the conclusion to this story. I hope you like it.
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