Hey dudes, I've been training legato recently and gotta say: it's a really nifty technique. I'm coming along a good bit with the good ol' slow practice regimen. It's 2 days into my new legato/tapping focus routine and I'm seeing great results. One mechanic is stumping me how ever, the hammer on from no where. . Can you guys give me some help on this crazy mechanic?
Yeah. You just slam the target string at the right fret without making too much noise on the other strings. Use your free fingers to mute the other strings.
Pretty much what it says on the tin - just hit the note with your right hand.

Look up AC/DC thunder struck - the intro is one handed "hammer on from nowhere"
EDIT: apparently it's not, now i look more closely - but if you play it one handed without picking you can turn it into a hammer-on from nowhere exercise. Plus you have a hand free to wave in the air to a crowd
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Its like tapping with your right hand(unless you play "the wrong way").