my humbucker has only 2 output wires, but i'd like to coil split it;

is this possible? if so, how?

greetings, Bingt.

edit: i do have a mini DPDT on/on switch.
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Well, some 2 lead wires can be split themselves, which is a risky process because it either works or doesn't. The best thing is t just find a 4-wire pickup and do it that way, less risk.
It is possible, but I wouldn't recommend trying it. The process could mess up the wiring of the pickup. You'd definitely be better off buying a different pickup, and installing that instead.
It is, its just quite hard, and if you havent done it before then you will probably mess it up, so its advised that you try on a dead pickup first. Look under the essential links for the 2wire to 4 wire humbucker conversion tutorial, follow that and then wire up the 4 wires following a coil-tap diagram. Coil tapping a 4wire is incredibly easy. Its just making a 2 wire into a 4 wire thats tricky. So its probably easier to buy a new pickup.
But whatever you try to do, good luck!!