The guitar itself looks good, but you can never be sure if the auction is actually 'real'. Try contacting the seller through more than just e-mail, like the phone etc.

Be careful, but if you think it's legit, go for it.
since there is a very limited market for lefty guitars i doubt it's a fake. the buy it now price is $500 which while a deal isn't that great of one. seems like they just want to move the guitar.
it looks ok apart from the sticker on the back of the headstock, that dosnt look original

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Looks legit, e bay is pretty good with that sort of thing
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It also says no trem bar included but all the pictures have the bar attached.
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It also says no trem bar included but all the pictures have the bar attached.

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Why would he not add it?

Maybe he's using old photo's...? I don't know. As I said, try to get in more ways of contact than just e-mail.
If you're unsure if the auction is real, contact ebay with a link to it. They'll look it over and tell you if it's legit.
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I've said this before but it's personal preference. The seller has 2 negatives and 5 neutrals (which might as well be negatives in my book) and the responses in the negatives and neutrals are a pretty bad representation of the sellers reliability in my book. I would stay far away from that seller especially for $534.