Bascially, when im palying on the amp, and try and play some riffs, soemtimes, i get a lot of noise which isnt wanted. I think its caused by me accidentally slightly touching other strings whilst playing, or maybe the tone i have on. It tends to happen a lot when moving power chords. I lift my hand of the board a little to move frets, without making a massive scratching sounds, and it happens. Honestly, is it a tone issue (any good metal tone settings appreciated), or is it jsut the way i play which makes it let out these chirps?
Im aware that even the heaviest distorted guitars need to be payed as clean as possible, because the more distortion, the more "untamed" noise you can get. My distortion is roughly midway on my amp
probably ur playin...u have to damp the unwanted strings:
I won't explain the technique here but I did give u a key word: Damp! find out how it's done and do it...some may also refer to it as muting unwanted strings
gd lk
I noticed when recording that when moving power chords I sometimes touched the low E string on the 4th, 5th or 7th fret accidentally playing (unwanted) natural harmonics.
This happened more when I played power chords off the A string, and muted the E string with the tip my middle finger only. To fix this I started muting the E string in two points, usually the tip of my index finger and slightly more of my middle finger.
A noise pedal would help greatly. But also, your technique can be improved.
When you lift up the fretboard hand (to avoid the scratching sound, I know what you mean I do it too), palm mute ALL the strings while your fret hand is up. Then, let up right when your fret hand gets back on. Go slow and time it right and it sounds good.