I heard ht-5 can produce enter sandman metallica sound. Will tube screamer od pedals overdrive the ht-5 even more? So it will achieve an overdrive beyond the sound of an ht-5 with its gain turned all the way up? How does a tube screamer od pedal compare with a digital "metal" emulation pedal for getting a heavy metal sound? is boss mt-2 metal zone "analog" or is it a digital overdrive emulation that feeds through the amp?

I also heard that mt-2 produces 80s metal sound. 80s metal is the sound I am looking for but it will be nice to be able to play modern metal sound too. will the mt-2 "enhance" that metal sound or achieve a heavier or more modern metal sound than the ht-5 alone. Or I really don't need mt-2 or another pedal if i get the ht-5 for the sound i am looking for? mt-2's price is real nice. Just wondering if there is something better in that price range.
The majority of people use the tubescreamer as a boost; which gets more gain from the amp. I've heard that the MT-2 is quite a sterile and harsh sounding pedal.
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I had an MT-2 for years, and I have to say, it's one angry beehive. Wouldn't really say that it's a great pedal, but it doesn't deserve all the shit it gets from people. Quite versatile as voicing options go, but it sounds really thick and angry even if you put just a little gain.

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an od pedal should be more than enough for most types of metal. my suggestion would be to get one from a place with a good return policy so if you dont like it, you can simply return it. it that happens to be the case, look into a Metal Muff by EH. i use mine to do everything from blues to jazz to the classic rock all the way to the heaviest modern metal you can think of... EQing it takes a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure it out, it rewards you
I have tried all sorts of pedals in front of the HT-5 for Metallica and IMO the Ts-9 wortks great. You don't need the HT-5 gain all the way up.

I have gain at about 2o'clock and then the TS9 bossting with gain at 0, level at max and tone just past halfway.
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