i joined a band a year ago and we've been really enjoying it and we've been taking off here lately. the bands name is amputation, we play thrashy death metal. the band's line-up consists of Tyler- guitarist(2009), Shae ?-guitarist(2010), jared Zogby- vocals(2010) but previously in band before as guitarist but left later in the year of 2009, then rejoined this year, and David Swartz (me)-bassist(2009). i no some of u are thinking where is the drummer, we had a drummer (kevin Day) but gave him up because he wasn't dedicated enough like the rest of the band. we have been working non-stop on this band mainly working on original pieces, check em out just type in amputation above, anything with DeathXGuitar666 underneath it is us or DragTheWaters or me. tell us wat u think of the songs if u decide to check em out good or bad, we need the critizism.also if u like the songs add us on myspace. our myspace is www.myspace.com/amputation1. thanks if u read all this cause then ur atleast a little interested. comments appreciated on songs!
Your MySpace is set to private, so nobody can see it. You should change that.
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