Do you like Mastodon, High On Fire, the Melvins, The Sword, or Elton John? Are you looking to join an experimental, no-talent sludge/stoner metal band in Columbus, Georgia? Do you like your guitar to be in either C Standard, D Standard, Drop C, or Drop A? Do you have a practice space and/or van to tote shit around? Do you smoke? Do you like Nickleback? If you answered "yes" to the first five questions, I'd like to get to know you as a musician, that is if you play an instrument. If you answered "yes" to question six, please leave before I call the cops. Seriously, just go.

I'm looking for:

-A drummer with a fully functional acoustic dum set, preferably one with a double kick, and a sense of time.
-A bassist that wants to be heard and can lay down some tasty metal bass lines. *Soloing ablity=awesome.
-A guitarist who solo like a man possessed.
-Bassist or guitarist who can sing/write is needed. I can't sing while playing. (I know, I suck.) Writing would be a group effort.

I'm just a guy looking to let his riffs run through. I can't solo worth a damn, but I'd like to think I can play at least a little metal. Hope this finds you well, my fellow Columbus metal heads. Any questions? Contact me by PM here on UG or e-mail me at smellmybeard@yahoo.com. Ladies, want to sent me nudes? Use the aforementioned e-messaging address.

Stay golden,
H. Mahoney