Would it be a good idea to switch to thicker strings for a while to improve my finger strength? and then after practicing with them for a while go back to normal? (I play 10s now)
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yea that wouldnt hurt. remember. steve ray vaughan played 12gauge strings with HIGH ass action.

but also remember if you change any gauge strings you need to intonate oyur guitar. meaning.. adjusting the saddles to make sure the string length is absolutely disected by the 12th fret. otherwise itll sound lke crapola. you can play an open chord and it will sound good but as soon as you go for that sweet solo lead the notes will sound out of tune.

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It does help, but after you get used to the thicker strings your tone will lack a little and the lighter strings will feel like rubber bands.
1. I know how to intonate. I know what it is.

2. I've used them before. but i'm just thinking if I change the string gauge I'll be sure to use it often as I might not feel like using that tool every day.

3. If I just go up to 11s and back down to 10s there shouldn't be that huge of a difference right? I've already went from 9s to 10 permanently and I don't feel a huge difference

I was just watching a vid of one of my favorite guitarists and he uses 12s in standard tuning and one of the things I noticed about all of his songs is the great vibrato so I figured the fact that he practices on 12 gauge strings might have something to do with it
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A great way of building finger strength is playing an acoustic (if you have one). You end up have to fret a bit harder and most of the time you'll be playing 12 or 13's.

If you don't have an acoustic all I would say is practice til your fingers get tired...lol. You might surprise yourself how you build some strength.