Hi guys,

I'm totally in love with punk(rock), but i'm having some issues with the most songs. I can't play most of ramones/rancid/some greenday's/many others songs, cause i cant play fast enough. My problems are mostly because palmmuting. I can't play fast enough.

So could you give me some tips/tricks to improve my palmmuting/downstrokes?

Many thanks
Practice with a metronome...if you don't have one, Google "online metronome" and you're sure to find one. Start slow, slower than you think you're capable of. Just palm mute with down strokes at this slow tempo, and slowly increase the tempo over time. Don't stop at the goal tempo...go a little faster.

I find the same principle applies to difficult licks and changes...if you do them at a slow tempo and slowly increase the tempo until it is beyond what it's even supposed to be, you're much better off when you try to play that part again.
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It has been said a million times already, but it has to be repeated a million more. Start slowly, then build up, slowly.

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just keep chuggin and get your palm used to hangin around
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