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girlfriends to movies
28 68%
friends to movies
8 20%
friends at bars to drinks
23 56%
girlfriends at bars to drinks
26 63%
other, please specify.
14 34%
Voters: 41.
Sooo, when do you treat people to things, and when do you give people gifts?

I'm not talking about birthdays or christmas here, I'm talking about random occaisions.

I, personally, usually treat very good friends to numerous small things, and gf's to pretty much everything we do together (of course as long as it doesn't exceed a reasonable amount, I'm talking movies and dinner here)
I take a friend out usually when I get paid to go to a movie or when it's the weekend I'll help buy someone a Texas mickey and we'll get drunk.
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Good friends a lot of the time, girls most of the time and people I kinda know only when I'm drunk and in a bar.
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A poll is kind of useless for a question like this.

OT: I treat friends and family to small things like drinks, snacks, and sometimes when we eat out. I treat my girlfriend to the same thing and the movies. Anything that isn't too expensive.

Hell, I somewhat treated a woman where I work Saturday. She was short a little bit on her movie ticket so I covered the difference even though she seemed ungrateful.
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Just regular small things, being a student just little stuff like getting out/taking back books from the library, washing/tidying up, reading through essays, cooking curry
And buying the odd drink of course
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Food, drinks, movies. Sometimes I lend them money without expecting it back, but most of them pay it back anyway. Probably some other things.

I bought a friend a CD that he wanted for a long time. It was cheap, I saw it and thought of him. No homo.
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it was my birthday


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I often treat people to shit and later regret doing so. It wasn't so bad when I had loads of money, but now I simply don't.

At the time I just think 'well, it's only money' and couldn't care less... Drinks, trips to the cinema, gig tickets...
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Well I don't often treat people as we all pay our own way usually, but I'll help out with buying stuff if they forgot money.

I'm also planning on bringing my sister to McDonald's this Friday after school, since I've started to drive to her to and from school. She hates school, because she's just starting secondary (same school as me) and hasn't got many friends yet,so I thought it would be a nice way to end a week. Then again next Friday maybe, because that's our last weekend before the end of year tests.
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I'll treat girlfriends to movies and friends to drinks, but the latter only if the next round is on one of them.
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I very rarely do, and the most I'll gift is a drink at the pub... but usually I'm expecting one back in return. I sometimes lend money, but that's about the extent of it, I'm not really a gift giving type of person. I rarely do for birthdays, and especially not for christmas!

If somebody gets me something for my birthday, I'll get them something for theirs, but that doesn't really happen. I'm a bit of an asshole you see, and I'm not the giving type of person.
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