So right now im trying to write my first ever song called "Thunder Cow". Itll have three basses in it no guitar or drums. Can anyone help me out i dont know where or how to start planing it out? Thanks

edit: Its going to be a metal song and the lead bass will have some distortion. I was thinking one rythm bass, one lead bass, and im not too sure what the third could be doing.
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Pick a form. Something like ABA, ABACADAEA, AABA, whatever you want.

Picking a key can help. Or you can start constructing from riffs to take it away.

I would give one bass a rhythm role while the other two solo or similar.

You could give us a little more info to help you with.
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You should probably have one playing slap to have a nice beat to go by.

The second one should play an actual bass line.

The third should have the melody and possibly some effects (synth or fuzz)

I would wright it like that in that order.
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