I just finished a new song, and was wondering what you guys thought (once again). If you remember the last thread (The Fantasy of the Numb), this is another from the concept album I'm making. It's best to listen to this one loud so all the frequencies can come through, I spent more time mixing this one so it shows. It's orchestral techno rock, and it's weird and cool sounding at the same time, IMO.

Link: http://www.myspace.com/siberianbloodtiger << It's the first song on the playlist.

I think the transition at the 1:00 part is mixed a bit too low.
I don't know what to say it did sound eerie/cool but felt like it wasn't quite a full piece know what I mean?
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the song has a great feel to it dude, the stereo work is fantastic. though more can be done with it, whether it be vocals or just more stuff behind it. it also seems a bit to short, just when i got into the feeling of the song there was 10 more seconds left. its the kind of song that has to grow on you if your not used to that type of music so, there, thats my crit. make it longer so i can enjoy it more lol.

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I'll have to see what I can do with the volume on the second half. Levels are up as high as Garageband will go on that part, maybe I'll boost it with audacity. And I can see where you guys are coming from with it being short, I'm going to be adding more to it. I've marked it as incomplete now, but I'm still taking comments about it. I'll upload the extended version when I'm done.

Thanks for all the crits so far!
Listening right now, and my first impression is that this song is aptly named ^_^

The first few seconds of the intro reminded me of DooM XD I dunno, I guess I could picture this in a game like that, at least parts of it anyway.

All in all the intro was my favorite chunk, it's got this menacing and diabolical feel to it. The only complaint I guess I'd have is that part in the beginning with the two leads is strange. It feels really crowded, like they need to be separated somehow. I mean I like it, it's got a neat chaotic effect right before the build, but I dunno. Outside of that I really like how everything builds in the first minute and then sort of dies down to, what sounds like, volume swelled harmonics. The solo over that part sounds really cool, has a spanishy-phyrgian feel to it. The low pedal note in the background is really sweet too.

The electronic drums were fitting, I was kind of surprised to hear them initially since I wasn't sure what to expect. I sorta think your distorted guitars could use a bit more low end, but that's just me.

Overall I really dug this track, I've listened to it 3 or 4 times now. It's weird, this song is all over the place in terms of mood yet everything feels so natural and smooth.

Thanks for the crit btw man.


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Hey dude! Thanks for the crit on my song!

Your song is brilliant. It really creates the atmosphere you were going for... or at least, I think you were going for that atmosphere, judging by the song title!

As the poster above me said, the intro is the best part about the song (as well as the part where the intro riff returns, over a distorted rhythm guitar). It just feels scary, you know? I like how you used electronic drum sounds rather than actual drumkit sounds, too. The only thing I can really criticise is your distorted rhythm guitar tone... it sounds kinda "far off", like you recorded it from around a corner or something. I don't know, if you could touch that up this song would be perfect!

Overall, great job!

I've made another song since you critted my last one care to give this one a listen too?
Thanks for the crits, glad you guys liked it! I can see where both of you are coming from about my distorted tone. Is it more of an issue in just the intro or in the last section, too? I think in the last section it blends better but the intro section could stand for more low end or "oomph", if you will.
^ I found it more disturbing in the intro than in the last section, yeah. Still, I didn't think it was the best it could be in the last section either, but I can't really pinpoint the problem
thanks for the crit

type as I listen:

cool intro, nice when the dist guitar comes in-really adds to the haunted feel

pretty cool fade ins-not a huge fan of the scale/note choice for the little lead. I think it should have been a little creepier/diminished instead of having that noticeable egyptian type feel

there is a good build up, but the ending section didnt seem to deliver like i thought it would. maybe a distorted lead could add some punch or a variation of the drums

overall pretty good! the atmosphere was definitley there, just a few things that I think were stopping it from really shining
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