So... last night, I went to get my AC30 retubed and I happened to wander into the amp room and spotted a Vox AC30C2. Having heard great things, I gave it a little test drive and was astonished by the difference between it and the crappy Custom Classics. It is truly a new amp. I then flipped over the tag and had a look at the price... $650.

That's correct... a brand new Vox AC30C2 for $650.

Needless to say, that is a deal you simply do not turn down, so I bought it on the spot.

The amp is the base model, so it doesn't have bluebacks (i plan on swapping those in within the next few weeks) however, it doesn't have those horrible Wharfdale speakers, it's got greenbacks!

Here are some pics

(yes that is a line 6 spider 2 next to it... deal with it)
and an obligatory review:

The amp, unlike my other AC30, is pretty loaded up with features. it has an effects loop, tremolo, reverb, a standby switch, and most importantly: a master volume.

Its sound can be described as "never clean". This amp always has a bit of grit in the tone, no matter how much you try to clean it up. This amp is literally matched for Rock N Roll, this is not a fender by any means. The clean is incredibly warm, and smooth. It's very nice. The overdrive starts at about 1/4 up on the volume knob. It breaks up incredibly early and as you push it, it starts to get more and more "marshall like". Being british, marshall and vox share a few characteristics, but the vox is still very unique. One thing to note is that it has an actual spring reverb unlike a lot of amps in this price range, it sounds very organic and adds a beautiful bounce to the tone. I am very happy with the amp, I think it sounds pretty epic, and it cost me less than the wood on my other AC30 alone. Top boost channel is very bright, so bright that the amp comes with a Cut knob, it functions like a reverse presence, it takes the high end out of the tone. It also has a "normal" channel, which does not have an EQ, but really doesn't need it anyways.

The amp, without the MV, is ridiculously loud. I am unable to overdrive my other AC30 in the house because it is simply too loud. These amps are very deceptive, it's a bit of thug in a silk dressing gown. You wouldn't expect a 30 watt amp to be so loud, or to overdrive so heavily, but it does... and that is the mystery that is the Vox AC30.

The ONLY issue I have with this amp, is the quality of the handles. They are some cheap plastic crap, and the amp is extremely heavy... I do not trust them to say the least. I will soon replace them with leather handles like you find on my handwired.

My dream of having a wall of these bad boys is now a step closer to realization.

Vid coming, I'm recording it as you are reading this. when I get my other AC30 back from the shop I will record a vid of them side by side.
Not nearly as visually stunning as the handwired, but that's a hell of a deal. I'd have to grab one if I saw it at that price too. I hope I don't anytime soon.

Wet/dry set-up to come maybe?
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Not nearly as visually stunning as the handwired

I don't think it's possible. I doubt anyone will ever top that for "OOOOMMMFFFGGGG" quality upon opening of the thread, not even myself

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we can haz side by side pictures please?

the handwired is still in the shop, I should have it back within the next 3 days. I can shoop them together if we need to though.
Not my cup of tea but it is always nice to see somebody get a great deal

HNAD mate!

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$650? Niiiiice, I would snap one up immediately at that price. HNAD, I'd love an AC30. And yeah, group pics!
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do those have an ef86 channel?
It's got a solid state rectifier right?

Unfortunately, there is no EF86 in this amp. Which is a shame, because I absolutely love it on the heritage amps.
And yeah its a solid state rectifier. It's a very tight sound. It's strange hearing an AC30 with a SS rectifier, I'm so used to the sag you get from the tube rectifier.
congrats, where did you get it?

I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
it seems cool just for variety. like you should super glue them together and get a dual rectifier ac30...

actually i think old matchless did that.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
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Long and McQuade in Mississauga


that's a great deal. there is one on my criagslit for $750 or $800.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
that MUST have been a mistag for an AC15. So jealous. Bought an AC15C1 new a few weeks ago for $500 and thought THAT was a good deal.
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no they just released new ac30s.


guitar center has them listed at 999 all around but I heard they had been price dropped by vox.

I didn't here about the vox price drop, I just know that Long and McQuade had only 1 in stock, and they were selling it for $350 below list price.