are there any?

i guess most people have read american hardcore by now, worth picking up for the discography at the back if nothing else. decent intro to each kind of geographical scene too, although i cant vouch for the accuracy of everything he says.

and rollins has done a few books, the big one is obviously get in the van, but away from hardcore i enjoy some of his travel writing.

anyone know of any others?
well you know what they say about books and covers..

found hardcore zen for a fiver online. sounded quite interesting so ive ordered it.
burning fight actually looks like it would be worth reading, i could learn a lot from that seems as i know nothing about 90s hardcore at all. hardcore zen just arrived in the post today, gonna start that soon.
You can also check out All Ages: Reflection On Straight Edge, it's mostly about the edge movement but obviously involves hardcore.

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