Hey guys, need some critique on this song if you wouldn't mind
Post a link in your post for the song you want me to critique as well if you'd wish to do some c4c!

Ok so here we go...

I have no problems so far...

The 2nd guitar part in the verse is a little bit weird for me, not really wrong, but just different, and kind of odd. If your controversial about it, change it, but keep it if you like it. Measures 33-48 in my opinion need a harmony and distortion to jazz it up a little, but that's my only problem with it.

CHORUS: The F# in the bass is off, try changing that to a different note.

BREAKDOWN: I love it. Keep it.
In measure 79, you should add a harmony, to change things up a little.

The F#'s after 179, sound kind of off, try changing it into a G.

Thats about all I have to say.

Overall, good song, kind of repetitive, but creative enough to want to keep listening too, there were some wrong notes, but overall, written well.
I say 7.5 - 8/10

Can you crit the one in my sig?