What is the best way to improve 3 note hammer ons? For example say if it was:


How should I go about getting my left hand up to speed to play these types of things very fast. Right now I'm just taking them very slow, then increasing the bpm...but would that work for this type of thing?

Btw I think my problem may be that my pinkie keeps flying off the fretboard everytime it is done playing a note, so during fast passages my pinkie dosn't have time to get back to the fret in time. Any suggestions on fixing this as well?
Cut that damn pinkie off!
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Try to relax your fret hand and just let it flow (like if you were taping your fingertips on a table), play those 3 notes over and over and over and over slowly working it up faster and faster...you'll get it with work. Just remember to let your hand relax and not tense up.

Also, try fingering that riff as

Index Middle Pinky, if you aren't already.
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Really, that far up the neck you don't need to be using your pinky, it's easier to use your ring finger. I'd go farther down the neck and try four notes.

Just play it over and over again, slowly at first and slowly take the speed up.
I don't agree with not using your pinky that high on the neck. The pinky is an important tool for speed. Keep practicing and going slow to build up muscle memory. Pay attention to what your pinky is doing while going slow and correct its tendency to fly off. Once you have it nailed at a slower tempo just gradually go up. Guitar theory and technique is not a race. Everyone will advance differently so if it seems that is taking you a long time to get it nailed don't worry, just keep on practicing. Also... stay loose like iduno said, over tension in the hands and fingers is only gonna slow you down further.
Can anyone answer the same for me, but with pull-offs? Just reverse the order of that lick.
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IF you want faster stumming then loosen your strings, that will force you into using more strength

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Can anyone answer the same for me, but with pull-offs? Just reverse the order of that lick.

It will always work as long as you practice well and make sure your technique is good, no matter what the lick.
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