Any tips on playing folk? My idea of folk would be Conor Oberst, and some of the Dispatch songs. I've been into finger style playing lately though and I need help expanding my mind, and I need particular things that'll help me sound folkier. Thanks a bunch!
Fair enough.
Fills, alternating basslines, slash chords etc.

I'm not necessarily talking about Oberst and Dispatch here, although I wouldn't be surprised if they use any or all of the above.
put some more percussion in the guitar? like alternating basslines as swarley stated.

check out Trades and Tariffs and Acorn Factory by The Dodos. my fave songs to play on guitar and it gives u an idea of what im talking about
Check out Nick Drake, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes
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What are you calling "folk"? Seems to me you'd want to listen to folks that were part of the big folk revival movement that essentially made the acoustic guitar a household item.

Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan and Gary Davis and Dave Van Ronk..... Dozens of others. All readily available on YouTube or various music services.
Guitar techniques were often rather basic, simple strumming with occasional bass runs and fills. Lots of these guys were fingerstyle players who primarily used "pattern picking" techniques.