Alright guys, I just had this great idea you'll all want to hear.

Pretty simple, anybody who joins has to write the funkiest riff possible.

I'm just thinking about a little riff or part of a song, maximum should be around 24 bars(*plus fadeout and whatnot)

Since it's just a short riff that shouldn't take that much time, I expect plenty of contestants. This thing's is not to be taken that seriously, it's just an opportunity to get some fun and some funky ideas going.

We should be able to finish that by Next Monday, 24th.

A few judges would be good, if you want to join in, post here.

Since I will be a judge myself and wont be able to submit something, so here's what I deem to be funky. Enjoy

edit: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/thorbor/music/play838757
Mr Five RSE.gp5
Mr Five MIDI.gp4
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haha, dude, you still have a few days. I totally appreciate your enthusiasm though
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