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I currently have a Gibson les paul jr. which i love to peices. However playing gigs and using a variety of tuning i could do with two guitars so save time and to make sure the crowd dont boo us off! I want something simlar to what i have now, however i dont want anything expencive because its not going to get used as much as my les paul. What are your opinions on this guitar? to buy or not to buy? Cheers, Gibo
What about an Epiphone Les Paul? Cheaper, pretty much the same guitar barring crappier build quality (but not bad) and for the amount you use it it wouldn't matter.
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Maybe look at Tokai's?
Opens up your options a bit and the quality is meant to be phenomenal.
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dont really like epiphones, i had one and they kinda fall apart :S mite of just been bad luck, but my mates had to have his one replaced twice aswell. Toci's look good thanks for suggestion anyone actually got a melody maker that can comment on quality or sound?
Maybe a PRS SE One?

A little pricey but certainly a good choice for LP Jr style guitars.

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you'd be better of buying an epiphone junior theres this new epiphone les paul special with two p90's for 375$ get that
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Much cheaper and of similar quality.
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Wait for the price on the Joan Jett sig guitar to crash. It was released as part of the merchandising push for The Runaways movie, which tanked, so by the end of the year Gibson and the big chains will have a lot of Melody Makers with weird heart inlays to unload.
I got a 2007 Melody Maker reissue, in my opinion get the Gibson Melody Maker. You'll be suprised with the tones[play with the knobs]. It a feather compared to a Les, very easy player,kinda a bare bones rocker. I changed the factory bridge to a 70's Badass bridge,the tuners to gotah[hated the white buttons]. I'm looking for another to mod even more maybe with minibuckers. Allmost forgot your gonna want straplocks as the factory ones bite, hope all this helps