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My husband picked up this guitar body at a yard sale for $5. We thought it wouldn't be too difficult to find something on the internet to figure out if it was worth fixing up. We were wrong.

He took out the pickups and there is an illegible number under the bridge pickup. It has a three bolt neck that goes under the pickup. A luthier thought the neck going under the pickup was similar to PRS guitars, but he wasn't sure either. It looks like there could have been stickers on the pickups, but they aren't there anymore.

There are more and larger photos at the link at the beginning of my post.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Looks like a Samick, also know as Greg Bennett. Might be worth redoing if you can find the neck to fit it.
that is not a prs body, the pickup selector is in the wrong place, there a 2 more knobs than there should, it has the signature of being a basic ibanez
The closest Ibanez would be the ART series, however the pickup selector is in the wrong place.
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Definately not prs, ToM bridge, bolt-on neck.

As for samick, the upper bout doesnt look like the right shape to me either. Have you taken the pickups off, identifying the pickups would get you somewhere closer. Doesnt look loved anyway.
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could be some china copy of epiphone
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Thanks for all the suggestions, please keep them coming!

He did take off the pickups and there were no identifying marks, though it looked as though there may have been stickers.

The two identifying features we have noticed are the three bolts and the "upper bout?" which has a smooth angle.

Off to google harley benton and Tom bridge bolt-on neck.
nevermind harley benton, it's apparently german cheap brand so i doubt it would appear on yard sale where dollars are being used as a currency
quite difficult, theres A LOT of ppl doing singlecut guitars at low prices, which makes identifying hard when its possible its something you have never seen.

From the bolt-on neck, general construction, the fact it was neglected, unknown pickups, also the fact that the neck pocket looks relatively rough. Seems quite likely its not going to be worth much, somebody that is a luthier may be able to identify what the wood is.
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it's not a harely benton, they're more like an epiphone copy, but their gear is supposed to be pretty good
Thanks for the help. It was worth a try, huh? My son is disappointed though... it would have been for him.
I saw guitars like that on eBay a few months ago, I can't remember the name but they all went for under $100.
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I think I found it! What do you think? I googled 1983 aria pro ii after finding a photo that was very similar. I came up with this Aria Pro II Les Paul copy here .

If I'm right do you know anything about it? Would it be worth spending the money for a neck? It'll be a 10 year old's first electric guitar.

We see a bit of difference in the bolts and the control plate... or whatever it is called.
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That's the one.
Arias are generally cheap, it's going to be more cost-effective to buy a new guitar than it will be to buy and properly install a neck. You'd probably have to get a custom job done to accomodate that 3-bolt.