Hi guys. I am new to electric guitar from acoustic and am wanting to purchase this Epiphone SG but I am not sure which model it is. Can anybody help?

Back says Limited Edition Epiphone Custom Shop
Serial number: 10031507133.

Thanks! Guy wants $350 for it, just don't want to get ripped off.


That's the G-400. You can get that in black for that price, the silverburst will be $400. Ans im getting that guitar soon.

that is an epiphone g-400, it is not worth the price they're about $350 new for one with out the silverburst
Yea try to talk the guy down a bit. for $350 you may as well buy it new.

Just a little note of warning. BEWARE OF THE EPIC NECK DIVE!
To be honest, I wouldn't buy this guitar for a number of reasons

1.You could practically get a brand new version of the same guitar for pretty much the same pice

2.The epiphone SG's aren't really made as high quality as say the Epi Les Paul Standards imo. Very overrated guitar simply for it's price tag.

3.For $400 you could get a used Gibson SG Special which will be worlds better than the Epiphone. Just look around craigslist, they're pretty easy to find
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I hear you handbanana... To be completely honest, I have no idea what style or brand of guitar will fill my satisfaction. I am looking for so many different sounds that it's not even funny. I just heard that SGs can be played nicely with just the neck pickup straight into EL-84s. Youtube videos I have seen of this guitar sound pretty nice.
IT depends on the quality of the SG. I've played good Epi SG's and bad ones. I got lucky with mine. The only complaint I have is that the pickups are muddy...really muddy...So if you're a tone hound on a budget I'd reccomend you change the pups.

EDIT: well the pickups and the neck dive. Also the neck is a tad thick. (And by a tad, it hurts sometimes lol)
Those are my major three complaints. Just to let you know. I;ve heard the Gibsons are designed to reduce neck dive, although I have no idea how. From the looks of it, the Gibson SG has the same strap pin locations which is what i believe is a huge factor in the neck dive. (That and the fat neck calls to the floor.)
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Quote by siverstorm
Yea try to talk the guy down a bit. for $350 you may as well buy it new.

Just a little note of warning. BEWARE OF THE EPIC NECK DIVE!

What exactly do you mean by neck dive? I feel like such a nub

EDIT: Nevermind, I google'd it Yeah, it is heavy lol.
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I love my G-400, sitting down it's one of the most comfortable guitars I've ever played (standing up is a different story due to neck dive but you get used to it).

Anyway yeah, you can buy a brand new red or black G-400 for that price, pass on the silverburst.

Hey silverstorm, what pickups did you put in your G-400? I've been thinking of swapping mine out
Seriously you should goto a guitar shop, preferably a bigger one like sam ash or guitar center, and play a few different guitars. I would suggest playing an epiphone sg, and look on the wall for a used gibson sg special, play them and check out the difference. Also maybe try a Les Paul, or a Telecaster, try something a little different. Broaden your horizons.

But forreal though you could easily get a used Gibson SG special for $400-450 on craigslist easily. I saw two of them at guitar center today both for $500. One of them was the limited edition one with moon inlays.

I just think for just a little bit more money you can get a much higher quality guitar then the g-400. I would even reccomend checking out an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, those are probably the best epiphones without getting into the elitist category. Also i've been told the Epi LP Prophecy is supposed to be cool as well.
Yeah a guitar that is usually found for $350 new should be found on craigslist for like $150-250. This guy's ripping you off. Try to talk him down or something.
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