Alright, so I'm in the process of starting a sludge/doom/drone project with some friends, the goal of which being stomach churning sonic destruction. As everyone knows, the key to said destruction is fuzz(which I have covered) and heavy ass bass. This project won't have a bass player so I'm looking to make up for that. What I'm wanting to do is run my guitar amp in stereo(i've got an ABY box for this) with my bass amp, a Fender-made Sunn 1200s, one of those 1200 watt tube/solid state hybrid ones. What I need is an octave pedal that will let me cut out the normal guitar signal entirely and replace it with the octave-down signal to run through the bass amp. I know there are plenty of pedals that do that, but this pedal needs to be able to handle chords well, which I know some octave pedals can't, and go well with a fuzz pedal. I've been looking at the EHX Micro Pog which, after watching demos, I know would suit my needs. It's a little on the expensive side for me, however. If possible, I'd like to keep my budget around $150 at most and I am more than willing to go used. Got any recommendations?

tl;dr, I need an octave pedal that will completely cut out the normal guitar signal and replace it with a signal an octave down and will handle chords well.
Get somthing digital, the pog 2s tracking is analogue and thus only really good with single notes, or small chords for a short time.
That actually makes sense- analogue tracking can be slower than digital so the lower frequencies can lag, but the POG is digital so it doesn't have that problem. I should have specified that also, I'd prefer something digital or something with super-fast analogue tracking.
POG. Get a Micro POG. They're wonderful.

EDIT: As far as the only thing you'll ever use it for. You kind of find other uses for it. I use mine to layer up the sound a bit when I need to. Or you can always do the 12 string emulating thing which is cool.
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i love the new mxr bass octave deluxe, have you tried those?
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