Hi not quite sure if this is the right place for this topic, but here it goes.
I have a upcoming live performance i tried to write an original song with rythm and lead guitar thing is i have half song to write still and i have only more 2 days wich i know i wont make it in time and it doesnt sound that good.

So i need ideas for a simple and easy song that always fits well on an opening nothing too harsh but simple with both rythm and lead doesnt care if lead guitar is a liltle advance (but please no sweeps ).

So i apreciate some ideas Help me please

Note: Rythm guitar is not that skillful only play for few weeks .
sorry forgot to mention , classic rock or blues or i'm also open to sugestions something simple but effective
Geez, writing and performing an original song after only 2 weeks of playing guitar? This isn't going to go well.

Just play a 12 bar blues with random repeated lines put over it. You know; "I lost my shoes" x 3 "now I got the blues".
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
no i play for about almost 2 years just happen to get a classmate who also was thrown to the gig and he doesnt dont play that well that's why im asking somehting simple i dont want to waste time on the song i was writing as i had to face to theory dilemas...
Bear with me i come with this progression of Am- C - Em its played in arppegio form and then i introduce the lead using the a minor pentatonic now for the second part i wanted to something more rythmic and to solo faster any ideas to combine with that chord progression above and end in the same way as it started?

Yes i lack in theory knowledge