Ok, I had an attempt at composing the main tune of the song. Please note my composing is not great.

It is a sort of African style song with a bit of instruments but almost entirely done by a large group of singers. A choir, but not quite a church or gospel choir.

It has been used on documentaries or charity adverts to create a sense of 'this is a big really serious picture of stuff and this epic song shows it'.

I've wasted my whole evening trying to find this song!
What is this song.gp5
It sounds vaguely familiar. You should find someone with that iPhone app or whatever that you just play a song for and it tells you what song it is.
I have heard something similar somewhere, but I can't remember sorry dude...
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Never heard anything like that before.

I know what you mean though, but you're safe, as it's not really anything like them apart from rhythm.
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lol yea i tried using shazam and another recognising program but nothing.

it's sorta.. famous but not. i think i remember seeing a european choir singing it even though it sounds more african.