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Ok here is the lowdown I am not entirely sure if this belongs in the relationship thread, but here it goes anyway.

Basically my friend and his girlfriend have been together for about 8 months and before that my friend really liked this girl for quite sometime until she finally broke up with her boyfriend and he swooped in.

Continuing on, my other friend which I am very close with started becoming closer and closer with my other friend's girl, and eventually it lead to them making out one night, after a school production they were apart of, this was a few months ago. Well that lead into a mini fiasco where the other friend found out and he got really mad. After that things seemed to be ok but with some tension.

Surprisingly enough to serve to my good friend's stupidity he and this girl continue their cheating and now I find out about the whole thing and my other friend isn't exactly clueless but he has his doubts.

To add to the confusion I found out my friend had previously cut himself over some something else ( really stupid in my opinion I really didn't think he would be that kind of person, but if I can prevent this stupidity I want to).

So should I tell him or not? Is there another alternative? Help is appreciated

Sorry for the long post, but at least I didn't make it a word wall.