Ok I found a song by Shamans Harvest called Destination Nowhere.I love the song but cant find the lyrics anywhere.If you could find the lyrics or just listen to the song and try to figure them out youd be a lifesaver.Or if you have the Album March of the Bastards and can tell me them off the sleeve.Thanks.
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what's stopping you from listening to the song and figuring them out exactly?
"And after all of this, I am amazed...

...that I am cursed far more than I am praised."
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lol ok that made me laugh.And I can listen to the song but he sings it funny.
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I've been up and and down highway five just bout a week now
might as well just keep on riding (down to) new orleans
(taking time) for myself on the way that i know how
no matter how I get there following the broken line

Take me back to nowhere
(shelter me) and to (define)
(suddenly searching)

last time i've been down this way i've ran into some trouble
(Something) been down a real fine lady She allways gets her man
She lean into me like (Something) from the bottle so

I've gotten that so far.
You belong in a museum.

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