I posted this in the wrong forum earlier so i just wanted to stop in and ask if anyone liked or disliked Three Days Grace (3DG). Or if they never even heard of them!
They couldve done a lot better on their new album but there still ok.
First album was the best. Adam needs to go back the mohawk, he looked a lot better with it. And I can't listen to their one new song, as it mentions "feeling like a vampire" and that just totally kills it for me.
Heard of them YEARS ago. I like them quite a lot. Their most recent album's different, but by no means bad. I can't decide between One X and their debut as my fave.
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i think one x and their first were the best. life starts now is more like not as "rockish." if that makes sence.
One X is their best album. My favorite songs are Riot and Pain.
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