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I've been doing a lot of recording and I want to get it as tight as possible, so I thought to record a single guitar, then duplicate it and then pan it out on each side. This doesn't really create the dynamic of two guitars, as it just increases the volume of the track...

This becomes a real problem when I do actual dual guitar harmonies and the sound completely changes during these parts...

So my question is; how do you guys go about recording two guitars and harmonies? Do you just record each part seperately, or is there a sneaky way to use one track for both guitars to get that dual guitar sound, even though they are playing the same thing?

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well for rhythm guitar i always record one guitar left and one right. now if the harmony is part of the rhythm guitar part, then i don't change anything, just do one harmony part for both tracks. recording one guitar and then duplicating it doesn't do anything.

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What I usually do is record the rhythm guitar once but pan it in the middle, then have the leads pan left and right. Examples of what this sounds like can be found here:


(specifically Quoth The Raven)

Haha I just finished listening to those about an hour ago.
They sound pretty good so I'll give that a shot.

The harmony I was doing was part of the rhythm. On the first 2 measures of a four measure riff they break off and do a harmony, then meet back and play the same thing. I'll have to try some nifty things to see if I can balance the sound as well as the volume.