I bought my ESP LTD H-100 last week ($100 bucks.. score), and a few days after I finally got to mess around with it, slapped a new pair of strings on it (D'addario .11-.49), and the action is quite high. It was high when the guy gave it to me, but I noticed the bridge was high anyway. I lowered the bridge as much as I can without causing fret buzz, and I've made an attempt to adjust the truss rod (I don't have much experience with it..). After all this, there's still a pretty large gap between the fretboard and the strings. I don't have a ruler around so I don't have an exact measurement, but it looks like almost a 1/2 centimeter.

I'm wondering if I should just take it in and get a full setup done? I don't think the previous owner ever had it setup, either.. and I've never had my guitars set up because of the cost and I've just attempted to do it myself (Amateur setup).

I don't know how to put pictures on here from my computer, but if someone told me I could upload pictures of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because it would most likely help with my SG as well.. I've always had high as hell action problems with my guitars.
read this:

setups are nice, but since yours is a entry guitar, its probably gonna go out of tune at some point anyways so learn to setup the guitar to save you money

if you wnat to lower action more, lower it far enough so that even though you have fret buzz, your amp doesn't pick it up.
Can you sight down the neck on both sides and tell how warped it is? I'd suggest that the neck on that guitar is probably curving under the starin of the heavier gauge strings.
You can also fret the 1st and 17th fret of the Low E at the same time to make a straight edge out of the string. Then you check the gap between the crown of the 8th fret and the bottom of the string. I'm betting it's fairly evident.
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