Here's a new song I just recorded. I'm not done writing it, but it's almost complete (just needs lyrics and non-improvised solos). I'm most interested in crits about the songwriting and riffs aspect of it but all crits are appreciated. C4C and thanks for looking.

I can't say a whole lot about this stuff, because it's a bit chromatic, thrashy, for my usual tastes, but I'll tell you what I think.

I like the song overall, the guitar work is obviously the most interesting quality here, although it's a bit too heavy on the soloing in my opinion. Even if that's the highlight of the tune, it could definitely add to the piece if you tried a few leads rather than all the soloing. I feel like you could still keep the same sound, only with a little more hook to it. There's probably even some room for guitar harmonies, as long as they're not giving it a metalcore feel. You can definitely run with the thrash sound if theres some more definite substance to catch onto during refrains.

That's all I have for you as far as how I feel the tune could be improved. Overall i dig it man
Well, what can I say, reminds me a lot I mean A LOT of Megadeth, really good man, cause not everyone is able to do that, and you just did, I mean dude its Megadeth!! The solos are insane really good thrashy chromatic and bluesy solos, well done mate. The rhytm guitar is really good man and by good I mean great by great I mean Insane :headang: really well done man thats some awesome stuff you got there keep it up like that, really nice solos, leaks and riffage. Loved the harmonies!!

Now here is mine if you mind giving it a listen and crit:
Haha this sounds like you're trying to make the next hangar 18 with all those solos! I thought it was pretty cool, I'm a big fan of this kind of thrashy music. The solos were cool but I wasn't feeling some of the rhythm parts that you have, maybe with vocals they'll sound better, most notably at around 2:40, your solos were also pretty tight. The mix could use a little work, too.

Other than that man, good job!
Good riffs, very reminiscent of Megadeth-as many seem to think too-, especially the "Killing is my business/peace sells" period. I'd like to hear that with lyrics!
When you solo, you need to tone down the rhythm guitar. The riff can't have as much alternate picking or triplets, it just makes it all sound clustered.

You, good sir, have not gone over to your friends house after a hard night of drinking to find 2 dudes passed out in the same room both holding their own flaccid cocks in hand, passed out, with porn on the tv.
Thanks for all the crits guys! I appreciate it! I'm a little surprised some of you guys said you liked the solos because most of them are improvised. Thanks guys.
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It's not what I normally listen to but well done none the less. The guitar playing is excellent for the genre. I like your tone on the rhythm guitar(s), its nice and heavy. Tight playing too. The solos are decent but like some other people said I'd like to hear some defined leads with more of an emphasis on melody. That'll make the "real" solos seem all the more impressive.

Nice job though, solid thrash track. And thanks for critting mine.
woah... this is some heavy stuff...

I cant really say much.. it sounded technical and my knowledge are not really wide enough in that area...

but here is what I think... yeah it really need some vocal... the solos sounded good and the dynamic of your playing is there...

Very Megadethy as everyone else says. The riffs are beast. The soloing is all good ideas, just needs tightening. The drums are good but not the greatest quality, but that also gives it a classic Megadeth feel lol. And mixing could be better. Not sure if I would put vocs on this or not. Good stuff my friend.
wow man, this is some impressive stuff. this 4 minute song is absolutely jam packed with killer riffs man, i dig it.

1:28 caught my ear especially as an awesome riff

the guitar solos are spectacular all throughout, you're a hell of a lead player.

like others have said this totally has a megadeth type vibe, which is awesome. very reminiscent of the Rust In Peace album.

i feel like you go a bit heavy on the soloing, but i have a feeling that if i were to hear this with some vocals i would change my mind.

id love to hear this one with some vocals, i hope youll upload the finished version when you're done. great job with this

id appreciate if youd take a look at mine here:
Hey dude! Thanks for your crit on my song!

Good thing you told me beforehand that this was a sloppy recording, otherwise I'd be all over the timing issues I hear everywhere; I'll disregard them for now

I love your riffs man, and I especially love your tone. This isn't usually my kind of music, but I can enjoy listening to this just because it's executed so well. Kudos to you man!

I've recorded another original since your crit on my last one care to give it a listen?
I like your style, there is some old school thrash in here. Everyone is right in that it's mostly a Megadeth vibe. Your riffing is really good, there were a couple that stood out in particular to me. My favorite was the Devil's Island style riff that starts around 0:22 and again at 1:51. I like the riff at 3:24 a lot too, it was quite similar. As it stands right now its very impressive rhythm wise, very tight and nice playing. It seems a bit disjointed, but that's only from the vocals not being there. I think once you get the vox and the solos written in, this will be a great track. If I were to make one suggestion in the arrangement, the way you drum to the riffs at 2:23 is good, I think it might work to repeat that at around 3:00 just to add a break to that section, or vox / lead even depending on what you have in mind.

Very cool and promising stuff, I hope you get it finished soon \m/

if you want to c4c- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1312738
Thanks everyone for all the feedback. It's great to hear that everyone thinks this has a Megadeth vibe, but it concerns me a little bit too. Do you guys think it's a Megadeth rip-off? I want to have my own style and not have it seem like I'm feeding off Megadeth's. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me feedback on this. Thanks.
sweet stuff man, great riffs and awesome solos, I wish i was that good and creative. seemed to jump around a lot, there's not really an apparent central theme/riff. Definitely very megadeth-like. Keep up the sweet music
Ok, songwriting is very good here, though solos DO sound a little random= just plain improvisation, personally I prefer to focus around some melody. Rhythm guitars are really good, riffs they play good as well. Also, you're really good at guitar , hope to see the "real full version" soon
I might not be the best person to critique this song because I really don't care for this kind of music at all. I'm going to be honest, but don't base too much off my opinion, because I'm not into thrash in the least. It got really boring after a minute went by. It seemed like solo after solo (very tightly played solos mind you) with the same riff in between each solo, with a few variations here and there. I got tired of it really quickly. The tightness of it, however, was rather remarkable. The audio quality was pretty good too. For a thrash song, I'd give it a 7/10.
Dude this is some awesome shit, As above it definately is Dethish which is a great thing. Keep up the good work! Some of the rhythm parts were a bit busy but it was mostly really well executed
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Wow. Crazyness. I know everyone else is saying it, but Megadeth better look out.
If it's alright to resurrect this since I owe C4C.

Like everyone said, very Megadeth-ish, but in a good and original way. The playing is pretty tight considering that it's a very fast song. It does have a few quirks in the timing here and there, but that could be easily fixed. The solos are pretty good too for improvisations. There's something weird going on with the drums, but I can't really put my finger on it. I think it has to do with the unstable nature of the dynamics of the drums, like the drums were slammed and brickwalled against a limiter.

Thanks for the comments on my work by the way! It's pretty awesome too to see someone close to my age making music like this. =]
it seems like everyone has stolen my 'it reminds me of megadeth' comment already and posted it.

the clip however, to me is a bay-area-bogan's wet dream man. f*ckin killer sh!t

(bogan=general metal head)
Like previously said, alot of Megadeth comes to mind. However i think it sounds kinda like early Testament, only a bit lighter. it's good, the riff 0:54 has a good groove to it, and the bass fill is cool.

All of the instruments sound great, i think the drums could do with a bit more mixing, but saying that, they do seem to suit the chaotic music.

The solo at 2:02 seemed a bit messy, if it was improvised i'd highly recommend trying it again. But overall, good job.

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1323289