Alright, it's literally barely moved, I grabbed my acoustic today (taylor 110) and noticed the necks moved very slightly from the body, I wouldn't of noticed if the trimming wasn't off slightly, there's a small hairline space where the neck connects to the body, by where the strap goes, if that makes sense. Anyways I want to get this fixed tomorrow before it becomes a big problem and I'm out a guitar, is this a humidity issue or a tension. I got no problem bringing it to my shop, would rather save some money if its just popping a humidifier in for a night or 2 though.

Thanks in advance, Also I'd include a pic but you wouldn't be able to see the seperation it's so minimal unless the camera was real nice.
it could easily be either a humidity issue - too dry OR too humid - or too much string tension. keep in mind that if it's too humid already, getting a humidifier would make things worse. you should spend a few bucks on a hygrometer. btw, do you lean your guitar against the wall when you don't use it?
My guitar is either in its case or in my hands, I baby it to death. I'll grab a hygrometer tomorrow, I used my humidifier overnight during the winter, not every night just a few days a week. Its summer now here in Connecticut usually very humid summers, so I haven't used the humidifier. I looked for signs of both too much humidy/too little. Frets are sticking out, nor is fretboard overhanging the neck. Back isn't bowed out. What humidity level am I looking for?
not everyone agrees on humidity, but ideally 40 to 55% is safe. a little above or below probably won't cause any problems. a lot of people i know assume it's dry or humid, but sometimes are proved wrong when they finally get a hygrometer. a hygrometer means you know. btw, they are very very rarely accurate, so do the salt test and adjust accordingly - with a set screw if your hygrometer has one or in your head if not.

here's something you can read to learn more about guitars and humidity/dryness -

here's something mostly aimed at those who build guitars, but it's written by a master luthier and is worth reading to understand how humidity can affect guitars -
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The salt test is only meant to test the accuracy of a hygrometer. I'd check the resources patticake listed as those are pretty helpful, especially when it comes to diagnosing the issues of a guitar.

Luckily Taylor has a very easy procedure for dealing with neck issues. If the guitar is properly humidified and it still is giving you issues with the neck, I'd take it to a Taylor authorized technician for a neck angle adjustment. If you bought your guitar new and registered the warranty then this procedure is covered under warranty. I'm seriously thinking this is humidity issue though since these signs and symptoms happened out of no where.
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