Hey everyone so i have ableton live 7 light version. im just learning all this software and ive created a very simple house/electronica song using loops and etc in ableton. The whole point of why im learning how to create loops and beats and etc is so i can get a semi realistic tone when i want drum backings for my song covers. im working on californication right now cuz i thought it would be easy but im not having much luck with it. any tips? or any songs that have simple drums on that would be possible for a beginner to "program". Also is there another program i should be using?? thx in advance.

ps: i have reason 3 to but i dont want to touch it cause i want to learn ableton live first. should i use redrum? oh and should i be using a midi controller for all this?
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well you should use the impulse plugin for drums, and get some good samples from somewhere online and drop them into impulse. a good midi controller for drums is the akai mpd18, it's $99 and I love mine!
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