This is pretty intense. I loved the intro and the chords at bar 90 were amazing.
At bar 154 I don't see the point in having one guitar double the notes and the other one do singles, but that might just be me.
I also think that the riff at bar 146 would sound better picked than slurred.
I also love the solos.

I dont think the repeat fits at bar 234.
And I LOVE the part at 242.

Other than that epic song man.

This is epic one. I'm amazed. You had awesome riffs and melodies. Also your use of instruments weren't any boring. Your song is quite long but I weren't bored in any part. You had very heavy part around 140. It was quite good, but you added again some cleaner sections. Very good idea. And nice piano solo . Guitar solo was nice too.
I finished the song. 8:40, great piece in my opinion. RSE is greatly recommended for the more feedback-like harmonics at the end and the "static" which is just drums on the MIDI track. GP5 version if possible. Find it up top
This song is excellent. There are some great parts to it that I want to address, but a few, and only a few complaints I really have with it.

The Good: The intro with the piano jazz chords was great. The 3/4 time and the fadein just sets up for something special. Your piano work overall is just fantastic. The way you layer your instruments is done very well. You've got separate ideas going at the same time, but it all manages to come together. The way you create an atmosphere is unbelievable. The 3/4 riff was the best part of the song. It was pretty epic, and I think here, the contrast between the majestic chorus and the heavy part was a good idea.

The Bad: I really didn't like the change in your phrasing at bar 90. It threw off the entire feel of the parts preceding it. I would actually get rid of that and come up with a way to transition into the tapping part. That would be a cool idea to play with. I really didn't like the heavy riff at all. I can see that you were going for contrast there, but it seemed really out of place and just wasn't all that good in my opinion. I decided to take it out and have the song go straight from the drum solo to the beautiful part, and it sounds fantastic. I would consider that as an option to fix it.

The ending is ok as it is, but I would come up with a second chord progression to put an epic twin guitar solo over. That can go at the end of the second guitar solo, and then the outro as you have it could follow. I think it'll be a better resolution to a song so huge, instead of repeating the same phrase and just letting it fall off so quickly.

You've got yourself a great song. 8.5/10
Make those improvements and you've got a 10/10 for me.
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