so.i am like ninety percent done with a kind of jazzmaster/mustang hybrid build, and i recently ran into a pretty annoying problem.
i was polishing the pickguard with my newly purchased dremel polishing kit (using the stock compound)......and after polishing both the pickguard and the control plates to make them all nice and shiny after getting them dirty with my grubby hands, i find big scuff marks all along the areas i polished. This, needles to say, made me a little ticked.
ayways, i was wondering if anyone could help me remove them from the afflicted areas, as i've tried car polish, toothpaste, and even super fine sandpaper, but nothing sems to make it better, especuially on the tailpeice and control plate,
i never, never use those cheesy polishing wheels of a dremmel, for that same reason. i use a real buffer.

see if you can get ahold of a real buffer and someone fairly experienced. it'll be difficult, but getting those scuffs completely out just might be possible.
well experience is no problem, as i have been buffing things for about a year now in my jewelry class at school. i do have access to a nice large buffing wheel in that class, and also several nice flexshafts.
but thank you jim, i appreciate your help.
ah, good to hear. i did the very same thing to some nice home-made knives. I was more than "a little ticked"... never did get the scuffs out completely... but you can hardly notice them at a distance so i guess it's all good. good luck, man.